Antikapitalism World Championship


All teams which had registered until May 13th 2018, present their team (concept of an anticapitalist society) and publish it into the net here: ++++

Game Mode

You can find the group division and the game mode below Aktuelles/News

Playing time

2x 45 min; During half-time (15 min) interviews and analyzes. After the game ends interviews and analyzes again.


The playing area is a podium, theater stage, lecture hall, studio or similar, which is designed like a soccer stadium (clock, scoreboard, etc.)


The team has, of course, its own name, jersey, pennant / club crest and anthem. Before the beginning of the game, teams exchange pennants and play the anthems. There are only 2 players / teams on the playing field, that play in the form of a discussion. The coach, however, can change players as need. The 2 players play on all positions. (4: 3: 3 system)


basic needs


Economy-participation / state-form production / distribution ethics


Property-dealing with rulebreaker – education / school / training



Rule Violations

Foul: attacking opponent; only own position can be represented.

Lock and hold: interrupting the person currently speaking

Offside: rambling, too vague, avoiding questions

Unauthorized return to the goalkeeper: play on time

All rule violations can be punished as usual with free kick, penalty, warning, yellow, yellow / red and red card!

Referese and Line Referees

They determine where the ball is and who is in the game. In doing so, they can also include suggestions from the audience.

Spectators / fans

Here ist he main difference to the Soccer World Cup. The Anticap World Championship is the first championship, where the spectators and fans play along and influence the course of the game by means of a voting in the stadium (theater, audimax, studio, etc.) or via live stream on every PC / smartphone worldwide.


are scored by evaluating the game / discussions every 15 minutes by the audience via voting. Up to 70% of the votes for a team = slight superiority, 70-80% = 1 goal, 80-90% = 2 goals, over 90% = 3 goals


Here the striker determines in which position / area is shot. In a one-minute speech, he can also directly attack the goalkeeper. Goalkeeper then holds 1 minute defense speech. The audience then evaluates with a simple majority whether the “penalty” was succesful or not.

Penalty kick after extension

Similar to the previous point and according to the rules of the „real“ Championship, the coach determines the respective striker.

Phantasy Eleven

After the Anticap World Championship, the world championship team will be crowned, but the audience still chooses the best 11 players of the tournament.


All games and the outcome of the tournament can, of course, be wagered.  Money prices can be won. (see below Aktuelles/News)